best heating and cooling has over 40 years
of heating and cooling excellence behind us,

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From repair solutions to products you can depend on – trust us for the top-notch results!

Keep relaxed and cozy no matter the season with Best Heating Systems! From full installation to maintenance, there’s nothing too challenging for our team. Reach us at 815-462-0083 so we can help make your winter worries a thing of the past – let’s get started!

Hvac service

Get ready to save big on energy costs and provide your family with ultimate comfort! Our team of experts is always here to ensure that everything in your home runs like a well-oiled machine. Contact us right away at 815-462-0083, cuz it’s time for yout start living the life without worrying about those pesky maintenance bills!


Are your home’s ducts in need of some attention? Don’t worry, we got you! Our professional cleaning services are just what you need to make sure that every room feels comfortable and efficient. Stop putting it off – call now at 815-462-0083 for more info on how start making improvements today! 


If you’re in search of plumbing perfection, look no further! Our A-team is ready to make sure your water temperature hits just the right spot – whether it be at home or work. Don’t wait a second longer and call 815-462-0083 now for unbeatable service that will keep running strong!

indoor air quality

At Best Heating & Cooling, we provide the essential tools to keep your home’s air quality clean and comfortable – ensuring you enjoy a breath of fresh air all year round.

If your dryer vents are in need of some TLC, then look no further than Best Heating and Cooling! Our expert team is the best at what they do and will make sure to get you taken care of quickly and professionally. Plus, our prices won’t break the bank so don’t wait any longer – give us a call today 815-462-0083 to see why we’re New Lenox’s #1 choice for all things dryer vent cleaning! You’ll be happy with how clean & efficient your appliance gets after taking advantage of this deal.


Don’t sweat your AC needs this summer! Best in New Lenox is here with top-notch maintenance, installation, and repair services to keep you cool as a cucumber even when it’s scorching hot outside. Don’t risk those sizzling temps taking away the chill – let our experienced technicians make sure everything runs smoothly so all you have to worry about is living life comfortably. Get started today at 815-462-0083 and get ready for an easy breeze of relief! It’s time to kick back – now that’s how I like my summers!


If you’re in New Lenox and need Electrical repairs, don’t sweat it! Best Heating and Cooling has got your back. Our team of experienced technicians have been taking care of customers like yourself for over 40 years – plus unbeatable prices that can’t be beaten or matched by competitors. Don’t wait, give us a ring at 815-462-0083 today to get fast service from the experts who know their stuff – trust me when I say there’s no better option than Best Heating & Cooling for all your Electrical needs in new lenox!


Is your search for reliable and cost-effective Ductless cooling in New Lenox still going on? Stop right there! Best Heating & Cooling is the expert team you need to see results. Plus, not only are prices beyond compare, but if someone else quotes a better price then don’t worry…we’ve got it covered with our special pricing policy. Get excited ’cause this will be money well spent – call 815-462-0083 now and let us show you why Best Heating & Cooling is worth every penny when it comes to heating and cooling solutions in New Lenox…don’t wait another day!!

Our story

For 40 years, Best Heating & Cooling in New Lenox has been the trusted name for keeping your family safe and comfy. We know that great service and top-notch workmanship are essential pillars of success—and we bring our A game every time you give us a call! Put simply: when it comes to making sure your home is ready for anything, nobody beats Best Heating And Cooling!